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Cvent adds a second award to our boutique hotel

It’s all about the food. Ethically Crafted Fare from Prime Restaurant Silicon Valley is a hit with both meeting planners and meeting participants. Cvent has recognized us as a top independent boutique hotel in the United States for meetings for the second year in a row. We are honored to be recognized with this prestigious award.

To celebrate, we are offering you an upgrade on us. When you plan a private dinner for your next group, allow us to show our appreciation by upgrading your beverage package with our exclusive Aged Cocktail Service.


We’re winning more awards from Cvent. Allow us to upgrade your private dinner with our aged cocktail service as a thank-you.

Your event will take-off with an ethically crafted bird-based menu.

Exclusive | Curated | Delicious

Your gathering is highlighted by Primes Ethically Crafted Fare-catered dining in a setting certain to inspire your guests. Book your corporate milestone or holiday celebration in our modern, full-service bar and restaurant featuring Chef Lu’s Ethically Crafted Fare enhanced by signature cocktails and mocktails.

Ethically Crafted Fare is our approach to ensuring our purveyors share our vision of respect for both people and planet. Of course our cuisine is from local farms to our tables, however what farms, how they operate and what our chef does with those ingredients is where we differ.

Consider menus showcasing heritage chicken, squab, Muscovy duck and organic goat as well as an ever-expanding list of vegan and vegetarian options.

Private dining, meetings or receptions allow for up to 50 participants to delight in exquisite cuisine served among our intimate interconnected boutique spaces. Natural sunlight from floor to ceiling windows or indoor-outdoor spaces complement our fresh 2019 Ethically Crafted Fare menu offerings.

Our Silicon Valley boutique hotel remains committed to our travel professionals with 10% commission on groups and favorable stay rates and concessions for groups with meetings.  We understand your recommendation to your client reflects upon you and your business, and that is exactly what drives us to exceed expectations.

  • HB and Conference Direct Preferred Partner. Look for us on Cvent!
  • 10% — weekly commission processing in-house
  • Up to 60 classroom or receptions to 100 attendees

Insider Tips for Silicon Valley Events

  • Check out our Happenings page to see what events are happening over your event dates, you may find a “game changer” add on for the group.
  • The highest demand times, aka, the most expensive times for us are September through February in part because of California mild winters. Tuesdays are the most difficult to find availability. Most hotels have been forced to require three nights if they involve a Tuesday stay. For the most affordable programs, avoiding a Tuesday can save a great deal on costs.
  • Over peak demand weeks of very large city-wide events, up to five nights may be required. TIP: Including some sort of food or beverage event, like a welcome reception can get you around  some of those restrictions when looking for a place to meet or gather
  • Increased commission rates or double STASH Hotel Rewards Points on weekends and Holidays are possible.
  • Here are some major city-wide events that you may want to try and book around. They fluctuate annually, however Googling them in advance could make you a hero in your clients’ eyes.
    • Google IO – May
    • Apple DevCon – June
    • Oracle Open World – September or October
    • SalesForce – September or October
  • We specialize in monthly training camps. We understand the unique contracting, attrition and cancellation issues that arise from even the best-planned series. It is our independence that allows us to be quick and nimble with what ultimately ends up being countless changes and unplanned travel challenges. A series of monthly training classes could be eligible for multi-agreement perks including a week free at our sister properties in Orlando near Disney!
  • Follow us on our new LinkedIn Page for exclusive communications from us to the professional meeting planner market.

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