Green sheet

We offer an experience to our guests that reflects a respect for both people and planet. We share your desire to stay one step ahead of the curve. Renewable wind energy powers the property; while in the kitchen, fresh, sustainable farmers market ingredients and recipes provide fuel for the body and soul.

Compostable fork on wood background

In-suite compostables

99% of the disposables that our guests use are 100% compostable, including the takeout plates, utensil kits, and cups.

sparkling rose wine

Locally sourced spirits, beer + wine

When possible, we source all of our spirits, beer and wine from local suppliers. This means less transportation costs and supporting local businesses.

Cow on green field

Ethically Crafted Fare

We nurture close relationships with local food providers and services. Ethically grown and raised here in our own backyard, where fare is fair.

carboard box

Cardboard recycling program

A lot of the supplies we receive every day come packed in cardboard boxes. We recycle them so that they can one day end up carrying a load for something or someone else.

stack of old magazines

Recycling of marketing materials

Some of our outdated menus and hotel marketing materials get reused as french fry cones at Prime.

electric vehicle being charged

Electric vehicle charging station

For those with electric vehicles, we offer a charging station to keep you powered up and on-the-move.

pile of clean laundry


From linen re-use in your suite to the laundry being cleaned with eco-friendly detergents using cold water vs hot and even our dry cleaning services utilizing electric vehicles, we look to be greener and cleaner every day.

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